Made up a new song recently called “Open mic night” and have been playing it at open mic nights, and it’s fun! It’s not really a Stoat song (at least not yet) but I thought I’d post it up here just in case anyone wanted to learn it, and do it at open mic night themselves. If you do please send me a video!

Open mic night

Monday night and the lights are low – 

  Em         A

A boy is plucking a banjo.

“A girl was mean to me one time”

Em         A
He whines in 6/8 time.

 I judge him silently – 

      Em          A     D

A good player, but lacks originality – 

Then we all hooray and pray

     Em         A7

We’re better when it’s our turn to play.


D      F#m 

It’s open mic night.

Em     A

It’s open mic night

D          F#m 

 And we’re all here because 

Em        A

 Because we need


 Someone to listen – 

G               D

Even a musician will do.


We can’t afford

  A    D

To be ignored.

A barefoot hippy plays the spoons

And croons a tune about the moon,

A stratocaster-wielding punk

Forgets his lyrics cos he’s drunk,

Next a comedian

Or maybe a slam poet? I cannot tell.

Any non-performers here? No.

Even the barman has a go.


It’s late, most folks are gone,

Just eight left when the last act goes on – 

Some hoary old rocker who

Has had the same haircut since 1992.

Actually he sounds alright

His song is called “open mic night”.

I wonder who could that guy be?
Oh yeah. It’s me.


— Cormac