We’ve been working on this new song, and we want to have a big chorus effect in the chorus, and we want you (and anyone you know) to help us out. You do not need to be a good singer – we are literally going for quantity here rather than quantity. You just need to be enthusiastic and sound like you’re enjoying yourself.

Reckon you can do that? Hooray!

Here’s the clip we want you to sing along with

(there are 2 choruses, with a different part each time, as you can hear)

The lyrics you need to sing are in bold:

Let’s go out
Hip hip hooray
We can be sensible another day

Let’s go out
Isn’t this fun
Think I’ll have myself another
Let’s go out
It’s not big or clever
But life is short
then we’re dead forever
Let’s go! Let’s go out out!

Let’s go! Let’s goo-ooo

If you have any audio recording stuff yourself (garageband or pro tools or one of those) and know what you’re doing, just download the singalong track and sing along with it, then send us the audio of your singing

If not, then you’ll need 2 devices – one to play the tune on, and one to record on.

  1. Plug some headphones into the device you’re going to play the tune on (you can play it directly using soundcloud (probably easiest), or download it from soundcloud and use an audio player)
  2. Press play, and record a video of yourself singing along using your phone … and don’t be shy, GIVE IT SOCKS!
  3. Have a listen back. If the sound is distorted hold the phone a bit further from your mouth and try again.
  4. Send us the video (we’ll be able to separate the audio from your video)

When it’s done upload the video or audio to google drive here, and send us an email (to emailstoat@gmail.com) to tell us who you are so we can include you in the credits

Thank you thank you thank you! Oh also if you know anyone else who might be interested please share this page with them