tl;dr – we collect as little information about you as we can, and whatever we do collect we don’t share. More details below

Information we collect

This website doesn’t automatically collect an personally identifiable information. Like pretty much every website on the internet, certain technical information such as your IP address, what browser and operating system you’re using, what website you came from, is recorded in log files. The site (along with, apparently, 27% of the sites on the whole internet) runs on wordpress, which probably uses cookies for something, but honestly I don’t know how or what for. I do know that if the site records that cookie data anywhere we don’t use it (or even know where it might be). Also we have a thing called the facebook pixel on the site, and we use that to figure out if you got here from a facebook ad so we can know if those ads are worth paying for – we don’t know who you are if you click on an ad, it’s just a way to see what percentage of people are clicking (usually pretty close to zero 🙁 )

Also as you can see we have a mailing list. If you subscribe to that list we’ll email you about stuff like shows we’re playing, new release, or merch we might be selling, or whatever else might come into our heads. We use mailchimp for that, so your details are stored on their servers. If you want to get off the mailing list, just email us at and let us know.

Information we share


Changes to this policy

This policy might change at any time if we find we’re not doing something we should be doing, or if we change how the site works or something.