Musicians love to moan about youtube.

Meh. There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of decent new music coming out, and it’s not as if Stoat would be making any money either way 🤷

But we do care about you subscribing to our youtube channel! Oh yes!

Here’s where I’m supposed to list out the amazing benefits of subscription:

  • you’ll get notified of anything new we put up (not just ‘official’ videos – there’s alternative versions and parodies and the like)
  • we’ll look more popular, so the chances of someone booking us to play somewhere near you (or at a festival you’re going to) are higher
  • you’ll make us feel pleased with ourselves

Impressed? Yeah well … sure lookit – it costs you nothing, so IF YOU ARE SOUND YOU WILL CLICK THE ‘YOUTUBE’ BUTTON TO SUBSCRIBE.

Ah go on (or if you can’t see a button for some weird reason click here instead)